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Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be an effective investment vehicle under the right conditions. Maryland lawmakers were among the first to recognize the potential of REITs, and Maryland was the first state to create an REIT statute. Maryland's REIT law offers numerous advantages to investors in terms of liability protection, tax benefits and overall flexibility. Consequently, a majority of all publicly traded REITs are established in this state, as well as a substantial number of private REITs.

Trustees, investment banks, hedge funds and other groups frequently require a lawyer's advice and counsel on various matters. Consider the Law Office of Frank R. Goldstein LLC. While based in Frederick, Maryland, we represent clients throughout the United States.

Offering A Depth And Breadth Of Experience

Our attorney, Frank R. Goldstein, is on the vanguard of REIT law, having assisted in drafting sections of Maryland's REIT statute. While working at national law firms, he represented hedge funds, investment banks and trustees in many different issues associated with REITs. As a result, he is recognized as an authority on Maryland REITs, both in trust and corporate form. At our law firm, Mr. Goldstein takes on various roles, including:

  • Advising clients, primarily hedge funds, as to their duties and obligations under the law
  • Advising clients involved in claims of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Expert witness services
  • Mediator services

When counseling our clients, we leverage our extensive experience to develop innovative solutions tailored precisely to their unique circumstances. Although based in Frederick, our practice is organized in such a way that the overwhelming majority of our clients will never need to travel. We will communicate with you electronically or over the phone, delivering exceptional client service at each point in the process.

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